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Baby Girl Names

Fundamental Problems with Finding Baby Names

There are some very delightful baby names you can find on the Internet, some names are simply beautiful. Many sites will give you the meaning of the name. Give it a shot if you need some help, but beware! Some sites believe anything goes. I had so much fun on the Internet that I categorized some of the names I found:

I Suggest You Avoid Baby Names Like These

More help picking baby names.  <br>But this time we mean it.

Why give your child a name the other kids could make fun of?

  • Sky
  • Sunshine
  • Swan
  • Tempest
  • Saffron
  • Petunia
  • Dorcas
  • Honey


Expectations of Achievement / Hope for the Future

  • Angel
  • Cara Elaine Owen (C.E.O)
  • Destiny
  • Lucky
  • Modesty
  • Princess

 A tad bit challenging for the little ones.

Girls Named To Implant a Desired Quality

  • Chastity
  • Justice
  • Faith
  • Hope
  • Charity
  • Temperance
  • Harmony
  • Innocence
  • Charisma
  • Grace
  • Joy
  • Patience
  • Precious

Watch Out For First Name / Last Name Combinations.

  • Holly Wood
  • Candy Barr
  • Crystal Lake
  • Crystal Ball
  • Anita Bath
  • Brooke Lynn Bridge
  • Forrest Ranger
  • Phillip Mitank (This guy owns a gas station)
  • Joanne Cant
  • Joe King
  • Lon Moore
  • Ima Cryer
  • Dwaine Pipe
  • Emma Royd
  • Justin Case
  • Mac Aroanie

Names That Rhyme

Baby Girl Names
  • Zowie Bowie
  • Lula Talulla
  • Rolan Bolan
  • Peter Fleeter
  • Grace Lace
  • Wren Penn
  • Owen Bowen
  • Eva Helleva
  • Tony Gimbonee

Actually, I know the last two personally.

Funny Baby Name Meanings. You May Want To Avoid These

Listed under girl’s names:

  • Bacia:  BAH-chee-ah, Ugandan, Family deaths ruined the home

  • Carling:  KAHR-leeng, Old English, Hill where old women or witches gather

  • Kanene:  ka-NEEN, African, A little thing in the eye is big

  • Leiko:  LAY-koh, Japanese, Arrogant

  • Nasiche:  nah-SEE-cheh, Ugandan, Born during locust season

  • Shammara:  SHAH-mar-ah, Arabic, He girded his loins

  • Stockard:  STOK-ard, English, From the yard of tree stumps

  • Tiponya:  ti-POHN-yah, Miwok Indian, Owl poking the hatching egg

  • Yenene:  yeh-NAY-neh, Miwok Indian, Wizard poisoning a sleeping person

Listed under boy’s names:

  • Cameron : KAM-er-on, Scottish, Crooked nose

  • Nalren : NAHL-ren, Dene Indian, He’s thawed out

Cree-Eight-Tive Spellings

  • Blaik, Blayke or Blaike

  • Brittni

  • Rebekah

  • Chrystee

  • Emalee, Emillie, Emeli

  • Erykah

  • Ryleigh

  • Sierra, Ciarra, Cyerra

  • Zöe, Zoë, Xoe, Zowie and Zoey

  • Jaxon

Strange and Unusual

Baby Girl Names
  • K'Moni Amor
  • Shingo
  • Avon
  • Chianti
  • Oreon
  • Isley
  • Shaanpierre
  • Rhiannon
  • Jamiroquai

Unfortunate Concoctions

  • Fifi Trixibelle
  • Misty Dawn
  • Breeda Fairy
  • Icky Nicki

Names Spelled Backwards

  • Barbara – Arabrab
  • Sandra - Ardnas
  • Phyllis – Sillyph
  • Robert – Terbor
  • Joanne – Ennaoj
  • Sarah – Haras
  • Charles – Selrahc

Think About Names That Are Easy To Make Fun Of

  • Rowlan:  Rowlan Rowlan Rowlan, Keep That Doggie Bowling – Rawhide!

  • Bart:  Bart, Bart, left a fart and blew the school all apart.

  • Ida:  Ida done it .. Ida had a chance.. Ida woulda coulda shoulda

  • Zoe:  ZO-weee-O - Oh Oh - ZO-weee-O - Oh Oh (The Wizard of Oz)

  • Stewart Potter:  Stew Pot

  • Danae:  Decay

  • Nelson:  Nelly

Bad Initials

Nice names until you consider:

  • Francis Ann Trexler  (FAT)

  • Brenda Ann Dreyer  (BAD)

  • Mary Athina Davis  (MAD)

  • Georgia Adell Garrett  (GAG)

  • Carol Owena Walters  (COW)

  • Christine Donna Player  (CD Player)

  • Pamela Irene Grisham  (PIG)

  • Zara Idella Thomas  (ZIT)

  • Brianna Uma Madison  (BUM)

  • Rita Ada Torrence  (RAT)

  • Isabel Pearl Nichols  (I. P. Nichols)

From The BBC News

Baby Girl Names
  • The BBC News Online reported that ..., of Holland, Michigan, named his son "Version 2.0." Yes, you read that correctly.

  • There are two little boys, one lives in Michigan and one lives in Texas, called "ESPN" after the sports channel.

  • Seven boys were found to have the name Del Monte - after the food company - and no less than 49 boys were called Canon, after the camera.

  • Designer firms and types of clothing were also well represented, with almost 300 girls recorded with the name Armani, six boys called Timberland and seven boys called Denim.

  • In some cases it seems something else was on some parents' minds - six boys were named after Courvoisier cognac.

From The "International Herald Tribune" In Copenhagen

 In Denmark, a country that embraces rules with gusto, choosing a first and last name for a child is a serious, multi-tiered affair, governed by law and subject to the approval of the Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs and the Ministry of Family and Consumer Affairs.

At its heart, the Law on Personal Names is designed to protect Denmark's innocents - the children who are undeservedly, some would say cruelly, burdened by preposterous or silly names. It is the state's view that children should not suffer ridicule and abuse because of their parents' lapses in judgment or their misguided attempts to be hip. Denmark, like much of Scandinavia, prizes sameness, not uniqueness, just as it values usefulness, not frivolousness.

People expecting children can choose a pre-approved name from a government list of 7,000 mostly West European and English names - 3,000 for boys, 4,000 for girls.

Should we have such a law in the good old USA? Dick Butkus and Ben Dover probably think so.

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