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Naming My Baby Girl
Where is That Help You Promised?

Are you looking for a baby girl’s name that is unique and unusual, or popular, or funny, or for a list of top Indian, Irish, African, Hindu or Spanish names that are cool? I’m not sure I can provide all that, but maybe my story can lead you in the right direction.

Unique Baby Names

Anna Needed Help

Anna , a young friend of mine was pregnant. Her husband said she could pick any name and he would happily agree with whatever it was. He had no idea. . .

I asked Anna if she had any thoughts of the type of name she wanted.

I want my little baby girl’s name to be feminine and unique. I have three names in mind. First, I like Macon. It sounds pretty and it reminds me of where I grew up in Macon, Georgia.

Macon? Oh Dear. Kids can be cruel. Think about it, when she gets to pre-school they might call her "Macon Bacon." When she’s older she might be "Macon Babies."

Okay. Well, I heard a new name recently that I like - "Aiken". And I really adore Clay Aiken!

Aiken? I hope she doesn’t marry anyone with the last name of Butts or Payne.

Stop making fun of my names! Here is one more that I really think is special - "Avril Sheyanne."

Gasp!  Anna!!! Think about her initials!  Your last name is Stewart! We need help.

So we went to the Internet to find a feminine, unique and sophisticated name. We checked out this site advertising:

11,0000 Baby Names

We thought that would help. Here’s what we saw:

Abagail, Abba, Abbey, Abby, Abbee, Abbi, Abbie, Abbii, Abey, Abee, Abi, Abie and on and on.

I guess creative spellings are in. For crying out loud, how many ways can you spell Abbey? Is that how they got 11,000 names?

Help finding a girl baby name.

Baby Girl Names

When we pulled up the next site, there was a picture of this funny little man. Does he look like someone who can recommend names for girls?

Once we perused the site, we found some unique names like Anastasia and Brianca, and simple names like Beth and Betty. But don’t trust him! All of a sudden names like Bimbo and Honeysha popped out. Bimbo?! Honeysha? Is that short for Honeyshatup? After that we left Mr. Big Tie’s site forever.

Favorite Baby Girl Names

So I told Anna my favorite girl names and why I thought they were special.

Name 1:  Kyra Krystalyn - I love Kyra and Krystalyn is sweet. Plus they go well with Keri

Anna:  So should I name her "Kyra Keri Krystalyn?"


Kyra Keri Krystalyn
Sitting on a pin
And eating from a tin
Where’d you get your name so sweet
Less common and complete?
Oh, my Momma thought it special
So unusual and so neat
She belonged to the elite
Now let me eat!

Name 2:  Neelie - It is Eileen spelled backwards, which is my name and Neelie is my daughter, it forms a special bond.

Anna: Spell my name backwards?

Naming My Baby Girl Where is That Help You Promised?

Name 3:  Opalie Pheona - I know it should be Opal Fiona, but the name seems so common, I think Opalie is just as pretty. It can be pronounced:  "Oh-Pal-E" or "Ah-Paul-E" or "Oh-Pal-I" or "Ah-Paul-I," or again "OH-PAUL-I".  Not "Oh Paul IE" though, because it sounds like: "Oh Polly!" I like this name, Opalie Pheona because it's southern (I live in the North) and northern. It mixes the traits up. OPALIE PHEONA seems perfect for anyone's child.

Anna:  Perfect for whose child? You've been reading too many fantasy comic books! Or you've lost brain cells.

Name 4:  Pastulia - Because it's cool and sounds cool when you say it.

Anna:  It’s a cool name for a cool pet hamster, especially if you live up north where it’s cool.

Name 5:  Ka’Nee - It's uncommon and fresh, what more could you want in a name? I think NeeNee would be a cute nickname, too.

Anna:  I think you mean Connie. But, gee wiz, are apostrophes popular now?

Me:  How about using exclamation points? Tina! Then yelling will always be assumed. Or question marks like Kathellynne? - meaning I’m not sure I spelled that correctly. Or, parenthesis used on birth certificates could indicate the legal nickname.

  • Margaret (Punky) Ellen Smith
  • Loiuse (Sissy) Ann Hamilton
  • Brandi (Itty Bitty) Betsy Boone

Yeah and nicknames – why don’t people just name their kids what they really want to call them? Why name a child Charles when you want to call him Chucky or Cheezze Head?

Why not use an ellipsis? Susan…Marilyn Graham. Would you call her "Susan dot dot dot?"

Parents can use a colon to explain what they really meant when they named their child. "TajTrija: Didn’t want any other girl with our daughter’s name."

Anna: Enough! Where’s that help you promised?

Then she left, no closer to a decision. Here are my thoughts.

Real Help Picking Baby Girl Names

Click on the picture below to get more helpful hints about picking girl baby names.

Find baby names.

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